Free Printable Guitar Chords Charts

guitar chords printableOkay, I love simple and straight forward things, without the all the nonsense and knick-knacks. And today I need to introduce you to two fantastic resources that let you print guitar chord diagrams completely free of charge, of any chords you want. The first one I had already talked about a couple of weeks ago. It’s a free pdf document that you can download here. It the ultimate guitar chord chart printable edition, it contains hundreds of chord diagrams and of course you can print out any pages you want.

The other goodie I found is This free tool lets you print guitar chords individually, or you can make a selection of multiple chords, add them to a virtual sheet which you can then print. I made a quick video on how to use

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So again, free of charge which is awesome. If you want multiple sheets etc, you will have to create and account, which is free, too. All in all a really need tool which is extremely useful for songwriters, guitarists or guitar teachers.

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