Fender Strat Body Mouse Pad Review

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Looking for an inexpensive guitar gift? Maybe something a little bit out of the ordinary? Well, you might want to check out some guitar mouse pads, specifically the pretty neat looking Fender Strat Mouse Pad, which I just got as a birthday present. And just to be clear, no, this was not the only thing I received – we are a frugal family, but we are not cheap ;-).

So, I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to mouse pad, but for all I know, not only does this particular ‘model’ look pretty good, it also works very well. The top surface is smooth and allows for easy maneuvering of your mouse. The bottom side is made of a grippy rubber-like material and keeps the Fenders Strat Body Mouse pad in place, so it doesn’t move all over the place as you navigate your mouse.

It’s true, this pad is very thin and some people have complained about that in some of the online reviews I read. Personally though, I don’t view this as an issue, as a matter of fact, I actually prefer that over a bulky and thick pad.

So again, for just under 10 bucks the Fender Stratocaster Body Mouse Pad is a great idea if you look for a little token or gift for a guitar player. Granted, that person is also a computer user…

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