Egypt – Endless Flight Album Review 2015

Egypt Endless Flight Review 2015One of my all-time favorite Heavy Rock acts, Fargo based Doom band Egypt, just released their new album ‘Endless Flight’. It came right in time to land under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Admittedly, I was a little bit concerned. After all, Egypt’s previously released material set the bar high. Very high, actually. So, I curbed my excitement and expectations in anticipation of ‘Endless Flight’. However, as it turns out, for no reason, because Egypt did yet again what they do best:

They killed -They destroyed – Big time!

As matter of fact, well, at least in my opinion, ‘Endless Flight’ is Egypt’s strongest record yet.

After I had a chance to listen to the five new tracks, it became clear that this album is different. There’s something to it that I hadn’t noticed before in Egypt’s music. The best way for me to describe is that I think the band was able to channel their energy even more effectively than before. As a result, ‘Endless Flight’ by Egypt is well-rounded, flows naturally and has a level of cohesiveness to it that makes the record a fantastic piece of music. Yet, remarkably: Aaron Esterby (bass), Chad Heille (drums) and Neil Stein (guitars) didn’t have to compromise on their innate intensity that us fans are used to from listening to their debut album and ‘Become the Sun’. That’s a massive accomplishment, because that’s not an easy undertaking. And that’s exactly what makes ‘Endless Flight’ a milestone record in my opinion.

Another aspect that stands out to me is the brilliant song-writing. The title track is a prime example for that. The boogie-based (well, to me it sounds ‘boogie-based’) theme riff would work in and of itself by just playing around with different sounds and dynamics, but what makes this piece so unique is the turnaround – very, very smart. Arguably a very subtle nuance, yet it adds so much color and works just perfectly well.

Here is the track-list of ‘Endless Flight’:

1. Endless Flight
2. The Tomb
3. Tres Madres
4. Black Words
5. Shaman’s March

The last point I’d like to make is with respect to the sound and production quality. I’m not exactly sure who deserves credit for that, but I’m just amazed by the fact that it’s possible to take such massive volume and rawness and put it into end-product that doesn’t take away from the intensity, yet allows for each instrument to be equally well pronounced and differentiated. In other words: awesome editing and mixing, excellent production.

So, before I let you go, make sure that you visit the band’s website. You can pick up a copy of “Egypt – Endless Flight” and all other band merchandise from there. The album can be downloaded or purchased on Vinyl and CD. Get a shirt while you’re there and support the guys. They sure deserve it and knowing that they run the whole thing without having access to the resources of a bigger record label, they continue to do an amazing job (actually, I think they put some of the bigger act to shame, quite frankly).

Alright, that’s it. As a fan, I couldn’t be more pleased the record. And based on what I’ve seen in the feedback shared online, the overwhelming majority of listeners and critics feel the same way. ‘Endless Flight’ will be a tough act to follow. But I’m confident that they’ll pull it off again. In the meantime, let’s all make sure we get to see them live (again) as they hit the road hopefully very soon.

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