Eddie Van Halen And His Ted Nugent Encounter

Eddie Van Halen Has Lots Of Things To Say
Eddie Talking Old Times And About His Encounter With Ted Nugent

Wow, two posts in one day about Ted Nugent? Well, this one is actually more around Eddie Van Halen. Eddie met with Esquire’s David Curcurito who put a nice article together, sharing some older and newer Van Halen insights.

It must be quite intimidating meeting with Eddie. First of all, he is one of the very few guitarists I know who actually invented their own sound. I mean you will always know that it’s him playing. And according to David, the guy still seems to be in great physical condition, rock solid arms and hands of steel. Which actually always irritated me, knowing that Eddie was a chain smoker and hardcore boozer. Oh, but what actually irritates me more: he is now into electronic cigarettes. I guess the whole cancer mess he’s been through with his throat and losing part of his tongue probably made him think. I just wish he would drop the whole smoking thing altogether, I’m not convinced that these electronic substitutes are actually any more healthy.

Alright, during the interview Eddie states that him and David Lee Roth never hated each other despite of what the media reported on over and over. Well, what else is he going to say, right? Anyway, he also brought up a funny story involving Ted Nugent. Apparently, Ted had Van Halen using his stage setup for a soundcheck. Eddie playing as Ted walked up to him asking him about where his “black box” is, implying that he must be using some sort of special device. Eddie told him that there is no such thing. Ted then asked for Eddies guitar and he started playing – however, he of course didn’t sound like Eddie and give the guitar back to him, still insisting that Eddie must be using some secretly hidden gear. I guess he just couldn’t fathom that anybody could create such a sound without using an effect device.

On the Esquire website you’ll find a write up of David Curcurito’s meeting with Eddie as well as the actual interview. Definitely worth a read.


Photo Credits: Peter Yang. Permission to publish this image was kindly granted by the Esquire Editor Team.

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