Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners – 4 Easy Chords To Get You Started

E-Minor Chord
E-Minor Chord

We all like easy, don’t we? And the same goes for learning the guitar. There is obviously no point in teaching a guitar beginner a three-notes-per-string scale – therefore, it only makes sense to start the journey by introducing a student to a number of easy beginner guitar chords. But what are those chords and how can you learn them in a way that you can use them in songs? Well, we’re about to cover all that. As a matter of fact, we will do a little exercise together or call it an experiment if you will. In the video below I will show you two super easy chords that you can learn with me within a matter of a couple of minutes. But not only that, I will show you how to use these chords in popular seventies pop-rock song.

Alright, we will go over everything in more detail. When you’re done reading this article you should have pretty good understanding of how to learn some of those easy guitar chords and then take it to the next level.

Here’s an overview of what we will be discussing. Just click on the topic of your choice to jump to the respective section, if you don’t want to read the whole thing. But if you have a minute, read it because I think you will get something out of it.

1. Introduction: Easy Chords for Guitar
2. Before you start playing
3. The difference between easy and sloppy
4. Video: “Easy Guitar Songs Chords”
5. What’s next?
6. Recommendation and Resources

1. Introduction: Easy Chords for Guitar

G-Major Chord
G-Major Chord

What makes one chord easy and another chord hard? Well, I guess that’s a matter of personal perception and opinion. I’ve been playing and teaching guitar for quite a while now, but I still run into some new (and old) chords that give me trouble and require me to put in some extra practice. But to keep things simple and since we are looking at this topic from a beginner level, here is a general guideline of what I believe we all can agree to would make certain guitar chords easy or at least easier than others. And vice versa:

Super simple guitar chords:

Any chord where all fingers stay in the same fret or may cover two frets at most. Typical candidates are the E-Minor Chord, A-Major, or D-Major.

Somewhat easy guitar chords:

Chords, that span over 2-3 frets, but do not require to bar the strings. For instance, C-Major, G-Major or D-Minor.

Not so easy anymore chords:

Bar-Chords or chords that you don’t typically see on a beginner level. Like the dreaded F-Major Chord or a C-Minor.

The real tough chords:

Anything that you would not even have to worry about unless you tackle some advanced things. Chords like a Cmaj7 for example.

We talk about the easy chords in more detail later and I will share with a bunch of completely free resources where you can go to to learn them.

2. Before you start playing

teach yourself to play acoustic guitarAlright, I realize so far we’ve been just talking about all kinds of chords. But I’m sure you didn’t come here just for me to throw a few chord names at you – instead, I want to actually teach you a couple of those easy chords on guitar. And speaking of guitar, well, I hope you have one in your hands right now. If not, you can certainly finish reading and come back later, but for now I will just assume that you have a guitar that’s ready to go.

Which actually brings me to a good point that we should be discussing briefly. Of course, you can just take any guitar you want, but just in case you’re trying to figure out what type of guitar to get in order to learn you first easy chords, I would always recommend a classical guitar with nylon strings. That, in my opinion, are the best guitars for beginners. However, as I said, for now it doesn’t matter what kind of guitar you have, as long as we’re talking about a real instrument and not a toy.

Secondly, we need to get that thing tuned. Here is link to a tuning tutorial and an online guitar tuner.

3. The difference between easy and sloppy

Alright, we are almost ready to get you started. I do want to make an important point though. I realize you probably didn’t come here to get a lecture from me on all the important things you need to know if you’re in fact serious about learning to play guitar. Rather, you want to learn a bit more about the easy chords which can be learned quickly. There is one point though I will have to insist on. Yes, I will show you everything quick and dirty, but you should still take enough time to make sure that the chords you’re about to learn sound at least bearable to the human ear. Even the easiest guitar chord ever requires some level of accuracy. But don’t worry, I will help you with that and I will show you exactly what you need to do to ensure that you can expose your guitar playing to a broader audience without getting rotten or sharp objects thrown at you.

4. Video: “Easy Guitar Songs Chords”

>>>Click Here To Download The Worksheet To This Lesson<<<

Okay, I think at this point you’re ready to get started. Let me show you a few chords that you will be able to learn in a matter of minutes. Two of those we will use in a song. And since we’re at it, I’ll show you a couple of things you can do – more or less off the cuff – with a handful of beginner chords.

5. What’s next?

Best Methods To Learn GuitarCongrats, you just learned a couple of super easy chords on guitar and a song. So, what’s next? Well, you can learn more songs with the same chords. Or learn a few more chords which will allow you to play even more songs. Hey, maybe you will end up writing your first own tune. Even at this early point, you already got the goods to do exactly that. The fact is, so many artists use easy guitar chords for popular songs. Why? Because it’s easier to digest for the listener.

My point is, you just learned a couple of chords and a song within a matter of 10-20 minutes. Does everything sound perfect? No, likely not, but you will get there in no time. The question I have for you now is: Is that it? Or are you ready to go further? I bet you it’s the latter, right? Good for you, because once you get infected with the guitar virus, it’s damn hard to get rid of it – which, in this instance, is obviously a good thing.

If you’re ready to move on, then you’re in the right place. Because in the next section, I will tell you exactly what you can do from here.

6. Recommendation and Resources

It all depends on what you want. And what you want now, may change in the future. You might feel super motivated at this point and what to learn seriously how to play the guitar, but in a few weeks from now you might lose the interest. That’s just reality. Or it can go the other way – you may think you just want to learn a few more easy guitar chords songs and that’s it – but before you even know it, the virus (there it is again!) got you and you find yourself shredding the fretboard.

Either way, whatever it may be, below are a number of resources which I can all highly recommend to you. They are not mutually exclusive. I encourage you to check all of them. You will find some more useful than others. Some are completely free of charge, others may cost a little bit of money. So, here we go:

The Beginners Guitar Course:

Beginners Guitar Course

This is a completely free online guitar learning program. It used to be a paid-for membership course, but now it’s completely free of charge. I created it with the intention of helping guitar beginners to get started. Of course, we will cover all the easy guitar chords and some slightly advanced ones, too. Along with all the other things you need to know. So, go ahead and check it out.

Guitar Chordbank:

Another completely free resource for you to learn guitar chords quickly. Think of a guitar chord video library. You click on the chord of your choice and in a few seconds I’ll explain everything to you that you need to know in order to play the chord. Free and easy, click here to get there.


Jamplay is the #1 rated online guitar learning platform. There’s a good reason why, because they are the best and the prices are more than fair (plus I can get you some exclusive coupon codes). Click here to learn more.

Guitar Chord Chart:

Looking for a pdf-document with all the guitar chord charts in one place? Alright, I have that for you. Just send me an email vial the contact form and I’ll send it to you pronto.

Chord Guide: A great tool to look up chord charts. Create your own chord sheets, share them, download or print them for free. Click here.

Free Guitar Song Tutorials

On my website, there is a whole and ever growing section of free and easy chords songs. And stuff for the more advanced player, too. New songs are being added on a regular basis. Check it out, there a lot of songs that can be played with just a handful of very easy guitar chords for beginners.

7. Final thoughts

Alright that’s it, you made it. I hope you found all this helpful to some extent. But if there’s anything I wasn’t able to explain adequately, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Or send me a personal email (just make sure you clear your spam filter to allow for email from guitaringenuity[at]gmail.com).

See you around and happy strumming!

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