Don’t Steal Your Kid’s Guitar


Parents, Guardians and Caregivers: please don’t steal your kid’s guitar and accessories. That’s just outright mean and well, dumb. Keyla Lynn Lyons of Tennessee might disagree with me, though. Reportedly, she took her stepson’s guitar and amp with a combined value of $600. She then decided to take everything to “a man in Johnson City”. Yes, there is no further specification as to who actually that man is. Weird! Anyway, after her stepson had reported the theft to the local authorities, Police started to investigate and got Mrs. Lyons to admit to the “grand theft guitar”. But there is a happy end to this rather tragic story. The kid got his guitar and his amp back. What remains unclear whether he pressed charges against his stepmother. Oh, I almost forgot to mention another important fact: Mrs. Lyons is only 21 years of age – which begs the question: how old is the stepson? Oh well, I hope the family was able to put this incident behind them and is happily ever after.

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