Does The Vox Amplug Work With A Stratocaster?

Stratocaster Vox Amplug Mini AmpA straight forward question deserved a straight forward answer: yes, the popular Vox Amplug guitar mini amps work with Strats. In the video below I will demonstrate everything in detail, but as I said, it just works fine.

If you’ve seen my Vox amplug reviews, you know that I can highly recommend these handy guitar accessories. The price is very reasonable and the sound quality more than decent. They are the perfect practicing devices, work well with all guitars and pedals and come with many additional features. I typically use them together with a pair of headphones if I like to get an amplified guitar sound without terrorizing my family with my Orange TH-100…;-) No, I’m not trying to compare the Vox amplugs with a gain-monster such as the Orange, but you get the point.
What I failed to answer in most of my amplug mini amp reviews was the question: does the Vox amplug work on Stratocaster models? Therefore, I decided to do a little video to show you that it indeed does.

The makers of the device accounted for the angled input jack that is typical for Strats when they designed the amplug. There’s absolutely no problem plugging it in or out. So all you Stratocaster owners, if you consider buying one of those little gizmos, go ahead – it’ll work just fine.

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