Dobro Hound Dog Open D Tuning Slide Guitar Example

Slide Guitar Open D TuningThis is just a little video of me doing an impromptu “Dobro Hound Dog Open D Tuning Slide Guitar Example”. I actually recorded this piece; well I guess a slightly different version of it, about six years ago and put the video up online. It got a surprising number of views and some good feedback, despite the fact that both, audio and video quality was horrendous. As well was my wardrobe. So, I decided to do a new version of me playing some slide guitar on my Dobro Hound Dog copy. Yes, it’s a copy made in China, nonetheless, I think it has a great sound to it.

This particular tune is played in an Open D tuning. Of course, as you can see and hear in my playing, my slide guitar skills are very basic. Anyway, I was somewhat inspired by Rory Gallagher’s “Too Much Alcohol” and while I’m a universe away from Rory’s greatness, I thought it’s good enough to be shared with you guys,

So, coming back to the guitar. As mentioned, it is not a real Dobro National Hound Dog. I got this guitar from Guitar Center and if I’m not mistaken, I paid roughly $300 for it. Which is of course less than what one would have to pay for the ‘real thing’. However, I think you would agree with me, the sound is very decent for a Hound Dog copy. There’s actually an interesting little anecdote to me buying this instrument. So, I was at Guitar Center and I saw this Dobro copy sitting inconspicuously in the corner in the “Acoustics” section. I picked it up, played it for two minutes and when I realized how cheap it was, I decided to purchase it.

So, I put it back down and walked up to the desk and took care of the transaction. In the meantime, someone else noticed the instrument and began to play on it. He sounded much better than me, clearly someone who knew what he was doing. Well, not knowing that I had just bought the guitar, he started to express some interest in buying it. Fortunately, I beat him to it, so he left empty handed while I walked out of there with my new Dobro. Oh, one last thing – this guitar holds a tuning like no other guitar I ever played. I can’t tell you why, but who cares, it’s quite amazing.

The slide that I’m using is a so called ceramic “Moonshine Slide”. I must have had this one for over 20 years. I remember it to be on the rather expensive side, but that doesn’t matter. I love the quality and the tone you get out of it. It’s distinctly different from a glass or metal slide – I’m not suggesting that it sounds better per se, but strictly as a matter of personal preference, it’s clearly my favorite.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to tune your guitar into an Open D Tuning. That tuning lends itself to play some easy slide guitar tunes. So even a guitarist with rather limited skills can easily learn and play some tunes without sounding horrible.

Alright, I thought I’d give a little bit of color around my “Dobro Hound Dog Open D Tuning Slide Guitar” video.

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