Dave Mustaine Fires His Guitar Tech

Dave Mustaine Fires Guitar TeckSome people need drama. Or maybe it’s just that drama follows some people. Who knows. But anyway, Dave Mustaine fired his guitar tech after a show his band Megadeth played on Wednesday in Brisbane, Australia. Of course, otherwise my opening statement would have been unnecessary, not without some drama via a video which Mustaine released subsequently. That video contains an onslaught of verbal…well, let’s say ‘expressions of anger’.

Apparently, the show didn’t went as well as Mustaine wanted it to go. Therefore, somebody was to blame and in this case it was his guitar tech, who, according to Dave, is a “total waste of skin”. He went on apologizing to his fans, who deserve much better in his opinion.

Check out Dave Mustaine’s video rant here.

Well, I guess under these circumstances it is safe to assume, that Dave’s ex guitar tech won’t have a part in Megadeth’s new studio album ‘Dystopia’, scheduled to be released in January, 2016.

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