Dave Mustaine And Band Forced Off Stage

When Fans Go Crazy - Megadeth Had To Stop Their Show
Heavy Head Armor – Dave Mustaine’s New State Outfit!

Poor Dave Mustaine, he seems to be a bit of a trouble magnet. I’m not taking sides or anything, I like Dave and Megadeth, but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. Anyway, Dave and his fellow band-mates had to leave a stage during a gig at Croatia’s Metalfest. A bunch of angry fans started throwing rocks at them and the band had not choice but to just leave the scene.

Reportedly, the reason that triggered the incident was an alleged argument between WASP’s Blacky Lawless and Dave Mustaine, and supposedly Lawless then decided not to perform. When the WASP fans got word of that, they started to attack. Dave got hit in the head and that was the end of the rather short performance – at least that’s what some people claim. if he really got hit or not is hard to tell. Well, some of this mess was actually captured on camera by a fan:

Now the thing is, none of this argument nonsense has been either confirmed or denied. It’s a rumor, that’s it. But I guess that’s all it takes to get bunch of jerks fired up.

Did I just say that I’m not taking sides? Well, let me take that back. Because I’m definitely not on the sides of these idiots who feel it’s an adequate measure to throw rocks at people. There’s no excuse for such behavior. Even if in fact Dave for some reason pissed off Blacky.

The good news is, these dopes are in the minority and not representative of the vast majority of fans who show up to concerts trying to enjoy the music and atmosphere.


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