The Joe Pass Trio – Eximious

Eximious, The Joe Pass Trio

Today, I’d like to talk about the next gem in my Joe Pass record collection. We are talking about ‘Eximious’ by The Joe Pass Trio. Well, the latter term can mean a lot of things, but for this specific record,  the three am combo is comprises of Niels-Henning Orstedt Pedersen, Martin Drew and the one and only, Joe Pass.

Count Basie: Kansas City 6 Review

Count Basie – Kansas City 6

I was thrilled when this album came in the mail today. “Count Basie – Kansas 6” showcases how well these six outstanding musicians – all renowned capacities in their own right – engage in a breathtaking interplay, or as much more eloquently described in the liner notes below, an ‘amusing exchange’.

Quist – Trigger Album Review

Quist Trigger Album ReviewGuitarist and composer Quist, with his 2017 release ‘Trigger’, forced me out of wheelhouse and comfort-zone relative to the genres I am typically more comfortable with. And the thought of trying to write-up a review of this album intimidates me a little bit, admittedly. Because it is tremendously difficult for me to make references and comparisons to other acts. Quist’s approach to song-writing and guitar playing is unique to me, or at least distinctly different.

Satan’s Dealer – Dealer Of The Gods Album Review

Dealer of the Gods‘Dealer of the Gods’ that’s the recognizable name by the equally memorable duo ‘Satan’s Dealer’. And what a statement this album is! While I don’t know if I can call their material unique, it certainly is one of a kind. I typically try not to compare bands with or to each other, but Satan’s Dealer, to me, sounds like if Anthrax embarked on a Doom/Stoner album. Not the best of analogies, but just to give you a flavor.

Telekinetic Yeti ‘Abominable’ Album Review (2017)

Telekinetic Yeti Abominable 2017Alea iacta est. A rather martial statement, but perfectly appropriate considering the profound impact this album had on me. Telekinetic Yeti and their 2017 debut release ‘Abominable’ has the potential to become a cornerstone in the heavy rock genre. I could and should probably end my review right here, because that pretty much sums it up.

The fact is, almost every day I get an email or find a notification online about a new band or album entering the scene. It’s hard to keep up especially if you have an open mind and feel genuinely happy about the fact that there is so much new great music coming your way on a regular basis.

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