The Dobrator Resophonic Guitar With The B-Bender Bigsby

Dobrator Bigsby“I think it’s hollow, I think it’s kind of haunting”. This is how its inventor, Kent Viles of Gunnison, Colorado, described the sound of his famous invention, the Dobrato. I think that’s a perfect description to describe the rather unique tone of this equally unique instrument, which kind of sound like a hybrid of a banjo and guitar.

The Most Expensive For-Sale Elvis Guitar That Didn’t Sell

Elvis GuitarIt’s not about the actual Elvis guitar, it’s what Elvis did with the instrument. In was in a July night of 1975 when 7.500 fans rushed to the sold-out Ashville Civic Center to see the King performing live in front of their eyes. In the middle of the spectators, well actually not in the middle but conveniently seated in the front row, was a young fellow by the name Mike Harris. Not only did he have the best spot in the house in terms of stage view, but as fate will have it, he won’t be going home alone that summer night. Nah, it’s not what you think!

Guns n’ Roses Reunion 2016 Confirmed

Guns and Roses 2016 Reunion ConfirmedOh, happy days for all fans who’ve been waiting for a very long time for this moment. But now, what actually started out as yet just another rumor around a potential Guns N’ Roses Reunion, it looks like it’s actually happening. The media is all over it and even the New York Times graced the story with some real estate on their paper: the Guns N’ Roses Reunion 2016 is confirmed. The band issued and official press release re-affirming that founding member Axl Rose alongside Slash and Duff McKagan will play at Coachella Music & Arts Festival (April 15-17 & April 22-24).

New Year’s Eve And The ‘Guitar Drop’ In Memphis, TN.

Memphis Guitar DropHappy New Year 2016 everybody. I hope you had a smooth transition. I’m not known for being a night owl, so as usual, I went to bed around 10PM last night. However, since I woke up just before midnight, I turned on the TV to see the Ball Drop on NBC. Well, that was useless, because they didn’t even show it! Maybe they got tired of it and just need some new inspiration. Because, hey, it’s a ball dropping to the ground. I’m sure there could be more exciting things than a ball, right?

Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister Dies At 70

Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister is deadLemmy just died. I can’t believe it. I guess we all knew that he had been sick. The band had to cancel a number of shows recently and I guess it was public knowledge that he had all kinds of illnesses. However, what I didn’t know was that he had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Apparently, he himself online learned about that only couple of days ago.

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