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Simple Dexterity Finger Stretch Guitar Chord Movement Exercise

I will be putting out a series of short guitar video lessons for slightly advanced players. The first lesson is a simple dexterity finger stretch exercise, using one and the same chord shape, but moving it up and down the fretboard.

The base chord shape here is a simple A5 Power Chord. But we add one more note, the 9th. This adds tension and makes for a dark yet soothing sound. But I guess everybody hears things differently. Anyway, start off with playing the base chord.

How To Play ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ On Guitar

Santa claus Is Coming To Town Guitar ChordsOkay, today we will be taking care of another song request I received – yes, I know, it took me a while. Sorry about that. Anyway, here it is, a full tutorial on what you need to do in order to learn how to play ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ on guitar. As usual, we will do a comprehensive video lesson and along with that comes a worksheet that you can download from the link below for free.

Beginner Guitar Chords Songs – 7 Songs For Guitar Beginners

guitar songs for beginnersHere is what I want to do today together with you. Let’s do an interactive guitar lesson where we will focus on 7 guitar songs for beginners that I hand-picked for you. All of those songs are obviously on a guitar beginner level, however, some of them are a little bit more challenging than others. Anyway, no worries, I will walk you through the whole process and I’m sure you’ll have fun and you might learn something new….;-)

Basic Guitar Chords – 4 Guitar Chords Anyone Can Learn Fast

Learn Basic Guitar ChordsLearning to play guitar means for most of us to learn a few basic guitar chords to get started. But what does “basic” actually mean in this context? Well, I think there are about a dozen to 20 chords that would fall into that category. It all depends who you ask, but I guess we can agree that it’s a fairly oversee-able number.

Today, I want to share 4 basic guitar chords with you that you can learn in no time. As a matter of fact, we will be learning them together, right here, right now. No worries, I will show you exactly what you need to do and we take everything one step at a time.

How To Play Power Chords On Guitar – Power Chord Guitar Tutorial

How To Play Power Chords On GuitarA lot of classic and modern Rock guitar riffs have their foundation in power chords. But what are guitar power chords and how do you play them? Well, in the following article we will discuss everything you need to know about these easy to learn and fun chords.

I’d like to start off with giving you a little bit of background on this rather unique kind of guitar chord. We will then discuss in more detail how to learn them and look at a few popular songs with power chords. Last but not least, I have a chart with power chords available for free which you can download right from here. Oh, and I want to share a couple of additional good resources for you to learn more about power chords.

Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners – 4 Easy Chords To Get You Started

E-Minor ChordWe all like easy, don’t we? And the same goes for learning the guitar. There is obviously no point in teaching a guitar beginner a three-notes-per-string scale – therefore, it only makes sense to start the journey by introducing a student to a number of easy beginner guitar chords. But what are those chords and how can you learn them in a way that you can use them in songs? Well, we’re about to cover all that. As a matter of fact, we will do a little exercise together or call it an experiment if you will. In the video below I will show you two super easy chords that you can learn with me within a matter of a couple of minutes. But not only that, I will show you how to use these chords in popular seventies pop-rock song.

How To Play ‘Last Christmas’ By Wham On Guitar – Christmas Songs On Guitar

How To Play Last Christmas By Wham On GuitarAnd one more super popular 80ies Christmas song in today’s online guitar lesson. We will be looking at Wham’s smash-hit and how to play ‘Last Christmas’ on guitar. Good news here, it’s super easy and even the guitar beginners among you guys will be able to play along with the original in no time. Now, I will admit, what I prepared for you is the simplified version. Therefore, it’s not 100% accurate, but still good enough. However, if you feel differently, drink 3 glasses of mulled wine and a couple of cold beers in between. You won’t notice the difference, I promise…

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