Memorizing Dominant Chords for Beginners

C7 3rd fret guitar chordIf you have listened to any music, you have definitely heard dominant chords played.  They are very common in jazz music and other genres.

A dominant chord contains a number after it, such as “7” (example C7).  Identify the dominant chord by the following:  7, 7th, other numbers such as 9 or 13.  The “dom7” symbol is also used.

In essence it can be remembered as the chord that has just a number after it; no minor or major.  

Telekinetic Yeti ‘Abominable’ Album Review (2017)

Telekinetic Yeti Abominable 2017Alea iacta est. A rather martial statement, but perfectly appropriate considering the profound impact this album had on me. Telekinetic Yeti and their 2017 debut release ‘Abominable’ has the potential to become a cornerstone in the heavy rock genre. I could and should probably end my review right here, because that pretty much sums it up.

The fact is, almost every day I get an email or find a notification online about a new band or album entering the scene. It’s hard to keep up especially if you have an open mind and feel genuinely happy about the fact that there is so much new great music coming your way on a regular basis.

Best Way To Learn Guitar Chords Online – Top 5 Online Guitar Chord Learning Resources

online guitar chordsToday I want to talk a little bit more about resources to learn guitar chords online. It’s certainly not for a lack of websites and tools that can make this unnecessarily difficult. I know, I must sound like a broken record to those of you who are regular guest of my blog and YouTube Channel – but it’s just a matter of fact: there’s too much nonsense out there. Some sites make promises that are simply unrealistic and turn out to be ultimately just another means to get you to buy something that you don’t need, or in best case, offers very little value only.

Top 5 Guitar Chord Learning And Look-up Resources

Chords On GuitarI guess it’s fair to say that the vast majority of guitar players start out with learning a few beginner guitar chords. Of course, I’m sure there are exceptions, but most teachers, courses and books will show you how to play guitar chords before moving to more advanced things on the instrument. And that makes perfect sense from my perspective as a player and teacher.

How To Play ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ On Guitar – Christmas Songs On Guitar

How To Play All I Want For Christmas Is You On Guitar I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be doing this. But here you go, I just did a Mariah Carey song tutorial on how to play ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ on guitar. Of course, as usual, I turned the whole thing into an easy guitar chords version, so even if you’re guitar beginner, you should be able to learn this popular 80ies Christmas hit in a short amount of time. There is one little caveat, but we will talk about this in a second.

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