BUS – The Unknown Secretary Album Review

BUS The Unknown Secretary Album ReviewToday, we are taking a quick look and listen at ‘The Unknown Secretary’ by ‘BUS’, a what I would call Heavy-Rock quartet from Greece. My pal Ric Bennett from TwinEarthRecords was kind enough to send me a copy of the band’s debut release on his label and I had a chance to listen to this record for a couple of weeks now.

I’m not exactly sure as to why I expected BUS to be more aligned with the what I guess you could call ‘traditional Doom’ genre. However, if you’ve been following me for a little bit now, you know what I think of these categorizations. Ultimately, it’s a matter of semantics and personal preference as to how you like to ‘label’ things. The fact remains, though, that ‘The Unknown Secretary’ is comprised of a much broader spectrum of genres. I would even go as far as stating that this album is too complex and nuance-full to be put into just one bucket.

Here is my video on “BUS – The Unknown Secretary” Album Review:

As mentioned in the video, I am being reminded of Iron Maiden, and at times even some of the more Classic Rock acts (Boston, etc.), when listening to the 9 tracks. And that could very well be because of the twin lead guitars that are prominently featured on this release. To be very clear, I’m not suggesting that BUS sounds just like Maiden or any other band – I’m saying that I personally seem to notice elements that remind me of certain other acts. However, BUS has definitely its own sound and style, and the best way for me to put it: ‘The Unknown Secretary’ represents a broad spectrum of musical genres that would all fall in the overarching Hard/Heavy Rock category. I personally like that the band did ‘their thing’, rather than molding their material so it stylistically fits into just one certain category.

My favorite tracks are unsurprisingly the two heaviest pieces on the album, namely ‘Don’t fear your Demon’ and ‘Withered Thorn’. I’m might run the risk now of sounding contradicting in light of the praise I just gave relative to the band’s liberal approach to their material and them not trying to just cater to one specific genre – however, I personally feel that especially those two numbers showcase the band’s potential in terms of song-writing and ‘execution’ the best. This is obviously not to take away from the other pieces on the album, because I view them as the foundation of an overall, beginning to end, very strong record. Again, personally I’m just curious to see if the four fine gentlemen from Hellas will move their future material into an even more heavier direction.

‘The Unknown Secretary’ by BUS is a super-strong debut album and – if you will ‘statement’ – by a very talented band. With this release, the group put themselves on the map and I’m very curious to see what they come up with next. In the meantime, make sure you check out the links below for more details on the band, the record and the label.

TwinEarthRecords Website
Ric Bennett/TwinEarthRecords Facebook Page
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