Build Your Own Guitar Kits – Are BYO And DYI Guitar Kits Good For Beginners?

BYO Guitar KitsWell, I think it’s a pretty neat idea to build your own electric guitar or acoustic guitar. I have never purchased or even seen, for that matter, a so called BYO or DIY guitar kit. But I’ve been getting questions, especially from people who are interested in learning the guitar, whether or not they should go with a do it yourself kit as opposed to getting a ready to play guitar. So, here is my two cents.

As I will explain in more detail in the video below, I am not qualified to either encourage or discourage you from buying a build your own guitar kit. In order for me to give advice here, I would have had to try one myself. But I didn’t. However, I nonetheless believe that a DYI guitar kit is likely not the best idea for a guitar beginner. I’m not so much worried about the challenge of putting the different parts of the instrument together. I’m sure these kits come with a manual or you can find instructions online. But I’m concerned that a guitar starter just doesn’t have the experience to properly deal with things like intonation, action, etc. In other words, it’s one thing to put the bits and pieces of a build your own guitar kit s together, but it’s a completely different story to make sure that your instrument is correctly set up, so it plays and sounds the way it’s supposed to.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but think of it this way: I rather buy a car that’s ready for me to be driven, as opposed to getting all the different parts individually, putting everything together and then hope that the thing will start when I turn the key.

To be very clear here, I’m talking about this from a guitar beginner perspective. It might be completely different if you already have some experience and know how to fine tune a guitar. Also, based on my guitar students, they are all eager to play. They want to get started right away with learning how to play the instrument, rather than learning how to put it together.

So, building your own acoustic guitar or electric guitar, in my opinion, is something that I that you don’t want to look into until you got some experience under your belt. Also, I will be getting myself a BYO guitar kit soon, just out of curiosity and then I’ll share my review with you. And I also want to check out these “build your own guitar online” websites to see what’s up with that.

Lastly, please share a comment below if you have any experience with these kits. It would be interesting to hear from someone who actually got one – it’d be curious in terms of play-ability and overall quality of these instruments.

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