Buckethead – Colma

Colma By Buckethead
Not Really My Cup Of Tea Despite His Obvious Brilliance: Buckethead With ‘Colma’.

I just listened to Colma, an instrumental CD recorded by Buckethead. I really hate to say it, but it just didn’t click with me. There is no question, Brian Caroll is a brilliant guitarist and musician. It’s not that this is a bad CD, it’s probably just not my cup of tea.

What annoyed me the most are the drum loops. It just sounds very sterile and to some extent even a little eerie. There’s a lot of echo, reverb and tons of overdubs.

The tunes I did like somewhat are Whitewash, Big Sur Moon and Machete. Anyway, here is the complete track list:

1. Whitewash 4:42
2. For Mom 5:08
3. Ghost 5:26
4. Hills of Eternity 5:04
5. Big Sur Moon 1:11
6. Machete 6:15
7. Wishing Well 4:00
8. Lone Sal Bug 5:29
9. Sanctum 3:39
10. Wondering 2:13
11. Watching the Boats with My Dad 5:04
12. Ghost/Part 2 2:29
13. Colma 3:10

I guess I just didn’t expected such a rather sober production based on the Buckethead videos I have seen on youtube. For instance live versions of Whitewash have a lot of drive and heaviness to them, whereas on Colma the tune – for me – simply lacks ‘thrill’.

Again, I want to be very clear here, this is my personal perception after listening to Colma a couple of times. Maybe I’m just not ready yet to fully grasp the ingenuity of Buckethead, and I mean that in all sincerity. It is absolutely possible that in a couple of years from now I will come to like this CD. In the meantime, well, since Buckethead has produced a total of 36 studio albums, I have 35 more to go.

I bought my copy of Buckethead – Colma from amazon, here is the link.


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