Boiling Guitar Strings – Does It Really Work?

Does Boiling Guitar Strings Really Work?
Not Convinced That Cooking Guitar Strings Really Works – But Maybe I Just Forgot The Spices?!

Ever since I started getting interested in guitars and guitarists, I came across quotes by players claiming that boiling guitar strings was something they had to do because they simply couldn’t afford to buy new ones. I personally never met anybody who actually tried that and who could share some first hand experience with me. Well, time for a little experiment and I guess I’ll find out myself. The video below documents the whole project of removing a set of seven months old strings from my Dobro, boiling them and then putting them back on. Let’s see if there is an audible and visible difference after they spent some time cooking on the stove.

Well, even after cooking them for over 30 minutes, I couldn’t notice any difference. Now, the question is whether there is anything else I should have done differently, such as adding something into the water. When I told my wife about this, she said I should have tried to add a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. There you go, as I told you, there is a good reason why I stay out of the kitchen, me and cooking are simply incompatible.

Again, while my little experiment didn’t go over too well, boiling guitar strings has been reportedly a viable option for many guitarist if there is just not enough money in wallet to buy new ones all the time. On the other hand, for me personally, even if the whole string boiling thing had worked out, I would still much rather just remove the old ones completely and put a set of new strings on my guitars – it’s faster and I think I’m just a lazy person.

Anyway, I would be interested if any of you guys have any experience in boiling your guitar strings (or boiling bass strings) – if so, please leave a comment and let me know what I did wrong.


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