Best Way To Learn Guitar Chords Online – Top 5 Online Guitar Chord Learning Resources

online guitar chordsToday I want to talk a little bit more about resources to learn guitar chords online. It’s certainly not for a lack of websites and tools that can make this unnecessarily difficult. I know, I must sound like a broken record to those of you who are regular guest of my blog and YouTube Channel – but it’s just a matter of fact: there’s too much nonsense out there. Some sites make promises that are simply unrealistic and turn out to be ultimately just another means to get you to buy something that you don’t need, or in best case, offers very little value only.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any reputable online guitar chords learning resources available at all – and that’s exactly the point of this article. I want to help you in finding a few of them so you can then figure out which ones you like best. I prefer that over just telling you: hey, just click here and there for the best place to learn to play chords online. Because what I would consider ‘best‘ is subjective and you may and may not agree with me. Therefore, I’d rather give you a few options so you can decide what’s best for you.

Below I put my Top 5 online chords learning sources together. Four of which are completely free of charge, one is a paid-for option that is frankly, much more than just a place to go to quickly learn or look-up how to play guitar chords online. But I’ll get to that later.

What I obviously don’t know is your actual intention – but I guess it could be one of two things. Maybe you just want a couple of go-to places in case you want to quickly learn a new chord. This is typically for folks who are already familiar with the guitar basics.

Others might be interested in actually learning the instrument in general, and as such are looking for more detailed instructions on how to learn chords along with other things.

No worries, I got both covered. From quick ‘n’ dirty “show me the chord quickly so I can move on” to “I need to know everything in detail and need someone to walk me through the whole thing”. And anything in between.

4 Free Online Chord Learning Resources

Guitar Chords Chart
I have a document often referred to as the List of All Guitar Chord’ available for free. The name says what it is. It’s simply a pdf document with hundreds of guitar chord diagrams sorted in alphabetical order. A great resource for anyone who knows how to read guitar chord charts. Just email me and it’ll get sent to you automatically.

Guitar Chordbank – The Ultimate Chord Finder
I created a free online guitar chords video library which keeps growing and growing. Think of an extensive list of guitar chords – you just pick the chord of your choice from the list and a short 30-60 second video will pop-up in which I teach you the chord quickly. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need all the fluff, but just wants see how the chord is played – no more, no less.

An awesome guitar online chords learning and working tool. Why ‘working’ tool? Because not only can one lookup chords, you can also create your own chord charts and share them online, print them or save them to your computer. It’s really a nice website, easy to use and definitely something you may want to add to your bookmarks for future reference. Click here to check it out.

Beginners Guitar Course
Beginners Guitar CourseAs the name suggests, this is a comprehensive program for anyone who want to learn guitar chords online free of charge. Well, it’s obviously not just about learning chords, but also all the other guitar basics, including a proper introduction to the instrument, strumming and picking techniques as well as many song tutorials. The course used to be priced at $69, but it is now available completely free of charge. Unlike the aforementioned options, this is obviously much more of an in-detail resource where we take things at a slow pace and not only learn, but also practice new chords/songs together.

Why Jamplay Could Be Right For You

Jamplay is the #1 rated online guitar learning platform. And I know why, because I was able to conclude that they are the best in terms of what they get you for your money. So, yes, Jamplay is not free, but it’s chlearn guitar chords onlineeap (plus I have some coupon codes for you, if you decide to go with them). Jamplay offers obviously much more than just your run of the mill “how to learn to play chords on guitar online”, etc.

Instead, you can get anything you can think of relative to guitar learning. To be clear, if you just need a resource to quickly and occasionally look up a chord, then it wouldn’t make sense to sign-up with Jamplay. But if you are interested in seriously learning how to play the guitar, then this is definitely an option for you to consider. Click on the image to learn more and don’t forget to email me so I can send you your coupon codes just in case you decide you want to buy on of their courses.

Alright, that’s it. I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below and share other good resources where people can learn how to play guitar chords online. Also, don’t forget to bookmark the Chordbank. It’s always good to have something like that handy to quickly look up and/or learn a new chord. And, after all, it’s completely free of charge.

One last word of caution and to clarify on one of the statements I made earlier. I’m not suggesting that all of these salesy online guitar chords learning offers are illegitimate. But use common sense – there is no way that you can “Learn To Play 12 Guitar Chords Without Touching A Guitar”. I’m using this for example purposes, but I’m sure you get my point. I’m all for easy, but for some things, there are just no short cuts. Learning guitar chords online or via the traditional route would fall into that category. That’s why I thought I put this together for you – at least that way you have a starting point and then you can take it from there.

3 thoughts on “Best Way To Learn Guitar Chords Online – Top 5 Online Guitar Chord Learning Resources”

  1. Great information. Clear and no nonsense. I am possibly about to start my granddaughter to learning guitar. I remember vividly how frustrating it was for me way back in the late sixties. No internet then, I had no teacher at school, luckily for me I had good musical ears and encouragement from my Dad who was a semi pro Drummer. I ended up playing Bass in my brothers band but over the years have always picked up the 6 string now & then and learned a bit more. New chords some I don’t know the name of, I still play by ear but I now know all the notes and a lot of chords.
    I think the most important thing for a beginner is to get to enjoy playing. Have fun that way there is more chance of sticking to it. It’s okay to leave it for a while if you have to study or have sports stuff on, Don’t feel guilty you can always go back to it in your own time.
    Thanks again iM sure I will be in touch at a later date.
    Steve [England)

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