Best Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Free Acoustic Guitar LessonsCongratulations, you decided to pick up guitar. This is awesome and what I will try to do over the next few minutes is to provide you with some guidance on the next steps. Because nowadays I feel there is almost too many resources available to anyone who wants to learn the instrument. Some of which are actually not real ‘resources’ but rather dubious advertisements that don’t provide any value at all. Anyway, let me try to help you navigating a little bit in trying to figure where to find the best free acoustic guitar lessons for beginners. At the end of this article I will share with you two completely free online guitar resources. And when I say free, I mean free. No money, no registration, no sign-up required.

But in a first step, we need to find out if you already have a guitar or not. If you’re still trying to figure out where to get a good guitar from, here are my standard recommendations:

Borrow before you buy!

I am almost positive that there is somebody somewhere in your family or circle of friends who has a guitar you can borrow. As long as you can make sure that it’s a real guitar (and not a toy), go for it. Ideally, it would be a classical guitar with nylon strings vs. a western guitar that has steel strings. That way you save some money. After a while and once you feel confident that you will be sticking to your new hobby, you can get yourself your own instrument.

Start on a classical acoustic guitar!

Now, in the event that you don’t know anyone who you can borrow a guitar from or if you made the decision that you want to buy one, then please look into the Yamaha C40. I personally tested and own this instrument and I think it’s great to get started with beginners acoustic guitar lessons. Tip: buy the bundle that comes with a tuner, bag, strings, etc. That’s what I did and it’s cheaper than buying all these things separately. In case you want to explore this in more detailed, I wrote an article where I looked at a number of models that I would consider among the best acoustic guitars for beginners.

Alright, now you’re all set and we need to figure out how about getting you started on your first free acoustic guitar lessons. I’m emphasizing ‘free’ here – because you can obviously also sign-up with a program or hire a teacher. While you’re probably past that decision point, you may still want to check out my free evaluation on “The Best Way To Learn Guitar” which I believe might give you some good additional insight.

Beginners Guitar CourseIf you get someone to give you beginning acoustic guitar lessons for free, well, that’s certainly something you may want try out. Why? Because – assuming the person knows what he’s doing – you will have somebody you meet in person who can give you immediate feedback and can correct any mistakes you make right on the spot. You obviously don’t get that when you take acoustic guitar lessons online. However, the majority of people don’t have access to a person who is qualified, willing and able to teach guitar for free.

Alternatively, you can think about methods that are more along the lines of ‘do-it-yourself’. For instance, you can try your luck on YouTube. As usual, you will find anything within the spectrum of ‘very good’ to ‘completely useless’. And especially a guitar beginner might simply struggle with trying to figure out where to start and what makes most sense. The same is true for things like Acoustic Guitar Lessons DVD programs. It’s just hard to figure out which ones are actually getting you your money’s worth.

In the beginning I told you that my goal is to provide you with some guidance around all this. I hope what I shared with you thus far made sense and resonated with you on some level. Before we wrap this up, as promised here are 2 specific resources that don’t cost you anything, yet – in my personal opinion – offer everything you need as a guitar beginner.

Free Acoustic Guitar Video Lessons

1. The Beginners Guitar Course
2. Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Tutorials

The Beginners Guitar Course, as the name suggest, is for those of you who know that they want to learn acoustic guitar by following a logical, methodical program that introduces you to the instrument and helps you learning your fist chords, songs and strumming techniques. It used to be priced at $69, but I decided to make it available completely for free (I’m a lousy sales-person and I hate the whole technical aspect of dealing with online credit card payments, etc…way too complicated!). Virtually hundreds of people have successfully ‘graduated’ from this program. Again, check it out, it’s free! By the way, these two resources are also great for kids to get started on the instrument. Speaking of, here is some more information around finding the best kids acoustic guitar, which is always depending on the individual child. Again, just follow the link to read up on that, too.

Also on my website is a section filled with completely free acoustic guitar video lessons and tutorials. We cover everything from quick chord videos (e.g. “how to play the B-Minor Chord on guitar”) to Taylor Swift songs, Christmas tunes, traditional folk tunes and much more. This category keeps growing and growing. Hardly a week goes buy where I don’t put a new video up there. So, stop by and have a look.

Okay, I hope this was helpful. To be clear, there are of course other places that you can and should check out. I’m not saying just because I personally created the two resources I just mentioned, that those must be the best free acoustic guitar lessons you can get on the planet. But I can only speak to what I know, and I can assure you that I can get you started on your way to become a guitar player. And both, the Beginners Guitar Course as well as the Free Online Guitar Lessons/Tutorials category on my website are available to you at any time, completely free of charge.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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