Belzebong – Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves Album Review

Belzebong Sonic Scapes & Weedy GroovesBelzebong and their first full-length album Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves is a milestone record in the Doom/Stoner Rock genre. There is no doubt in my mind. This 2011 release by the quartet from Kielce, Poland is a power-packed, riff-laden and uncompromising testament to Belzebong’s authentic and unambiguous style and execution of their material.

For me personally, the fact that Belzebong keeps their focus on what matters most which is the mighty riff. You may think, okay, isn’t that true for practically all acts in this category? Yes, perhaps, but Belzebong takes this concept to the next level. With stoic relentlessness the listener is left with no doubts whatsoever. Except for one thing; there are times when you listen to this album, and I admit it might be a guitarist/musician thing, when I worried that the band was not going anywhere with the song. It’s like when you’re 4 or 5 minutes into a song or so, just when your done coping with the first onslaught of sonic blast of the first round of riff-slinging – essentially, when the band is done with the first theme within a song and ready to move on to the next. That ‘interlude’ or bridge if you will, at times sounds ‘jammy’, which is actually very cool. However, what’s even more impressive is the moment when you realize that this is just a gift from the band to grant you a little break before they come in with yet another beautiful assault on your eardrums. And it goes on and on like that throughout the whole album and its four killer tracks.

Belzebong – Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves Tracklist:

1. Bong Thrower 8:18
2. Names of the Devil 4:41
3. Witch Rider 5:21
4. Acid Funeral 11:40

Now, as I mentioned, Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves is Belzebong’s first full-album. While I didn’t think it would be possible, their 2015 pushes the envelope even further, but we will talk about this in a separate review.

For now, please check out the band’s Facebook Page and merchandise on Go ahead and download and pick up their music, it’s one of those bands that I feel deserve much more recognition within and beyond the Doom community. Belzebong are Cheesy Dude (guitars), Sheepy Dude (bass), Alky Dude (guitars) and Felony Dude on drums.

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