Bass Player Geezer Butler Comments On Bill Ward Statement

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Well, maybe I was wrong. I don’t know what and whom to believe to be perfectly honest with you. So, Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler commented on Bill Ward’s statement from earlier this week. He said that he feels kind of sad because the whole thing around Bill not joining the gang for their Download show and subsequent gigs, as well as the studio album the band has made plans for.

Apparently and according to Geezer, the band had to learn about Bill’s decision via the Internet. Isn’t that pathetic, you would think that those guys would talk to each other but Geezer actually confirmed that “these things” are being handled between representatives of each party involved. Sounds like ‘I have my people talk to your people’.

Either way, the band played their Birmingham Homecoming show last night and based on another statement by Geezer, it was a successful event for both, the band and the fans. Too bad, after all that Tony has been through with his recent cancer issues, it would have been great to see all four of them together.

But the whole thing does indeed now turn into some sort of “soup opera”, that’s what Geezer titled the whole Internet affair yesterday. And we are on to the next episode: apparently, the band received a request by Bill Ward’s attorney to temporarily remove Bill’s picture from the band’s official website.

At this point, dear all* members of my favorite Rock band, you have lost me. Do whatever you want. I don’t care whether it was Bill’s fault, the band’s fault or whoever else’s, I’m done. What you are doing has a direct impact on the fans. That’s it for me. Of course, you will still be my number one band, nothing can change that. But from now on, just do whatever you want and continue with that nonsense. In the meantime I will keep doing what I have been doing for the past 25 years – listening to your old studio albums from a time where Black Sabbath was still Black Sabbath and not a reality show soap opera.

*I want to take Tony out of the picture, because he obviously had a lot going on. But I’m still pissed at all four of them.


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