Basic Guitar Chords – 4 Guitar Chords Anyone Can Learn Fast

Learn Basic Guitar ChordsLearning to play guitar means for most of us to learn a few basic guitar chords to get started. But what does “basic” actually mean in this context? Well, I think there are about a dozen to 20 chords that would fall into that category. It all depends who you ask, but I guess we can agree that it’s a fairly oversee-able number.

Today, I want to share 4 basic guitar chords with you that you can learn in no time. As a matter of fact, we will be learning them together, right here, right now. No worries, I will show you exactly what you need to do and we take everything one step at a time.

I need to clarify on one important point, though. I am not claiming that by the time you are done reading this article and after you watched the video tutorial I put together, I will have taught you how to play the guitar. I know, this is a very popular advertising trick – people claim that if you buy their product, they will teach you how to play the guitar in 10 minutes. Well, if their and your understanding is that by knowing how to play a handful of basic chords you can comfortably claim that you “play the guitar”, then that’s good for you. I don’t do that. To me, that’s like somebody saying he can drive a car because he just learned how to put the key into the ignition.

However, I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here. Let’s have some fun and whatever we want to call it at the end of the day, I am very confident that in 20 minutes from now you will be sitting there with your guitar in your hand, playing around with these basic chords for guitar that I’m about to show you.

learning basic guitar chordsIn a first step, let’s get a few things out of the way. I will have to assume that you have a guitar already, otherwise it might be a little bit of a challenge in following me along. Unless you’re really into air-guitar…;-). Secondly, make sure your guitar is tuned into standard tuning. After that, you’re good to go.

For today, I want to focus on four basic chords for guitar that you will likely find in 99% of all Beginners Guitar Courses and Books. And here they are:

E-Minor (Em)
A-Major (D)
G-Major (G)
D-Major (D)

Arguably, the Em is one of the easiest, basic chords on guitar. That’s why I always found it quite surprising that a lot of guitar courses start with the C-Major chord as their first chord. I find that one way too challenging for someone who just picked up the instrument. But, admittedly, it is a very important chord and I would definitely consider is yet another one in the group of basic guitar chords for beginners. It’s just that I wouldn’t want that one to be the first one I show a student to play.

Learning Basic Guitar Chords
Alright, we got our four chord candidates. Time to take action for you and me. Is your guitar ready and good to go? Yes? Then let’s watch a quick video where I show you how to play these chords and how to use them in songs. There is also a worksheet for this video tutorial that you can download from here (no worries, it’s free just as everything here on this website).

Again, it is very important that you start out very slowly with these chords. I know, watching somebody else who can already play guitar and seeing him playing those chords, it makes it look so easy. But believe me, I am fully aware that even the most basic guitar chords, such as the Em for instance, need some time and practice before you can play them accurately. So, start slowly and let the speed come naturally.

Okay, you may want to know what’s next now that you just learned you first few chords. Well, I guess you’re now in a good place to learn even more of them. And I can and want to help you with that. Because equipping yourself with a decent chord vocabulary means you can play more songs. No worries, you’re not looking at hundreds of chords, but just a dozen or so – that’s enough to virtually play hundreds of tunes. Or write you own ones, how about that?

Basic Guitar Chords Chart:
Alright, I have a pdf document available for you loaded with guitar chord charts, basic to advanced. All in one place. Just click here and follow the instructions. It’s free, of course, I just need to know where you want me to email it to.

Beginners Guitar Course:
Beginners Guitar CourseThe chart s helpful to look-up how to play basic chords for guitar or the more advanced ones. But it doesn’t actually teach you the chord. Therefore, if you need some guidance around this, check out my free online Beginners Guitar Course. We learn all the chords and strumming techniques you need, plus all the other relevant stuff. This course is designed for folks who are new to the guitar and decided to learn the instrument.

Guitar Chordbank:
If you don’t want to go through a whole course but rather want to cut down to the chase, the Chordbank is a great place to get access to tons of guitar chord videos. Each video is about 30-60 seconds short. You just click on the guitar chord you want to learn, and the video will show you exactly what you need to do.

Jamplay is the #1 online guitar learning platform. It is not free, but it is cheap. You will find anything and everything guitar there. Basic to Advanced to Pro. Very solid teaching for all kinds of guitarists on all levels. Maybe something you want to check out here. By the way, contact me directly in case you need coupon codes for Jamplay to get a nice discount on their offers.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you had fun learning how to play a few basic guitar chords for beginners. However, your journey shouldn’t stop here. If anything, my goal was to entice you and to get motivated to carry on. This is just the start. There is so much more for you to discover. And I’m always happy to help. So, just leave a comment below or email me directly with any questions you may have.

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