B.B. King Sick, But Recovering – 2014 Shows Cancelled

B.B. King Cancelling 2014 ShowsBad news and good news. Blues maestro B.B. King got sick last Friday during a performance at the House of Blues in Chicago. He had to stop the gig to get evaluated by a doctor who diagnosed him with exhaustion and dehydration. As a result, his remaining 2014 shows have been cancelled. At this point he had played 70 shows already this year. Talking about a ‘working’ man…

The good news is: B.B. returned three days later back home, feeling much better. On his website, he expressed his appreciation for reaching out to him wishing him a speedy recovery. He said, he’s back home, watching movies and listening to music. However, he also feels he’s actually busier at home than being on tour, answering calls from friends and family. Reassuringly, he keeps emphasizing that he’s alright, though.

Get well soon, Mr. King. We need you!

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