Asteroid – Asteroid II Album Review

Asteroid II Album ReviewWell, what can I say. Asteroid II by the band Asteroid has everything a good record needs. I really have a hard time to give you any references or comparisons to other bands. Some say they sound a little bit like the Doors. However, I’m not sure if I would necessarily agree. Asteroid has a very unique sound. I know that they also are sometimes put into the Stoner and/or Doom Metal category. Again, not really something that I would subscribe too, even though I can see somewhat of a connection. But why don’t we don’t take a look at Asteroid’s Facebook page and see how they describe themselves. Here you go: Genre: Hardrock/Blues/Jam. Now, THAT’s IT! I can totally agree to that.

What I like about the band and their music is their approach to songwriting. A lot of swing, catchy licks paired with groovy and heavy riffs that punch you in the gut. Nothing too fancy, just solid straightforward drive, just the way I like it. A killer sound, earthy, raw with no knick-knacks.

Asteroid II has a great flow to it, the songs supplement each other. I don’t know if the intent was to produce a ‘concept album’, but in a weird way it does remind me of one, even though not in the traditional sense. There is not all that much information available about the band, all I know is that they changes drummers a few times. On this second release of Asteroid, the drums were played by Elvis Campbell, guitars by Robin Hirse and bass by Johannes Nilsson.

Here is the tacklist of ‘Asteroid II’:

1. Garden
2. Disappear
3. Karma
4. Edge
5. River
6. Lady
7. Towers
8. Fire
9. Time

I can only highly recommend this CD to you. Get it, you won’t regret it.

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