An Electric Guitar That Can Tune Itself: The Peavey AT-200

Peavey AT200 - A self-tuning electric guitar
Peavey AT200 – A self-tuning electric guitar

I personally don’t understand why tuning a guitar is such a big deal, but I admit, I get the point and I do acknowledge that a guitar that can tune itself can come in very handy – especially, if your gigging live and you have to switch back and forth between different tunings. Or, if you’re one of the folks who just struggle with keeping their instruments in tune. Anyway, it seems that Peavey just delivered the solution to this problem: the Peavey AT-200 is a very affordable electric guitar that takes completely care of itself, at least as far as tuning is concerned – you will still have to play it, though, it can’t do that for you. Also, please note that I haven’t personally played this guitar. So I can only report on the information that I found online.

Here are a couple of technical details around the instrument:


• automatic tuning via Antares Auto-Tune for guitar system
• sealed diecast tuners, 15-1 gear ratio
• saster volume with momentary switch to initiate String-tune and Solid-tune function
• master tone control. Pull up to turn off active system and change to passive pickups
• 2 Peavey custom designed humbucking pickups

In addition to standard tuning, the AT-200 by Peavey can also auto adjust itself to Baritone, Open G and Open D tuning. All that within a matter of a second. Watch the video below to see how it works in detail:

The Peavey AT-200 price is another big surprise – it is available for $499.99 which seems very reasonable to me. Click on the image below to learn more about the Peavey AT-200. Should you end up buying the self-tuning electric guitar, please come back an share your comments with us. Thanks.

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