Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar – Guitar Questions # 8

Too Old To Learn Guitar?Simple question with a straight forward answer. Learning guitar at an older age is absolutely no problem at all. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. So, “Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar”? is a question that I can comfortably and categorically answer with NO.

I’m not just saying that, I actually know for a fact that there is no age limit when it comes to learning guitar. I had students in their 70ies and 80ies who decided to pick up the instrument and they did very well. As a matter of fact some of them made faster progress compared to some of my teenaged guitar students, because the older semesters put in more of an effort and practiced harder than the younger folks.

The only limitation that you may experience is if you have certain physical restrictions that may prevent you from handling a guitar. That, however, is not necessarily just a matter of your age, because that’s just true for anyone at any age. In other words, as mentioned in my video, arthritis for instance can be a challenge for a guitar player – and likely you will get such a disease at a later stage in your life. However, that doesn’t meant that just because you’re older you can’t learn to play guitar.

So, in sum, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old to learn to play guitar. Because it’s simply not true. Pick up the instrument and show them that they were wrong. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Quite the opposite, I can tell you that many of my older former students found something in playing the guitar that they thoroughly enjoyed.

The more important question you would need to figure out is: the best way to learn guitar? Not just in general, but specifically, in light of your individual situation.

I can help you to get started – check out my completely free Beginners Guitar Course. It’s designed for all ages and I will take you through each step of the process. No worries, even if you don’t have a guitar yet, I will help you with that, too.

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