All Is By My Side – The Jimi Hendrix Biopic And Andre 3000

Andre 3000 And A Hendrix Movie Without Hendrix Songs
Andre 3000 To Play Jimi Hendrix In “All Is By My Side”

Who the hell is Andre 3000? A shredder I haven’t heard of, a new prodigy in the army of young guitarists that soon will rise to the heights of a Guitar God? No, it turns out that Andre Benjamin, that’s his real name, is part of the rap combo Outkast. Yep, and even I heard of them before, even though I don’t care about rap. But what does Andre have to do with Jimi Hendrix? Well, it seems that there were some rumors around a film-production company thinking about making a Hendrix biopic and apparently they thought of Andre, the rapper. Which begs the questions, aren’t there any black GUITARISTS around they could have picked instead? Tstststsss…

A guy named John Ridley, a novelist and screenwriter by trade, announced that the rumors around the Jimi Hendrix biopic are actually true and the piece will go by the title “All Is By My Side”. Everything is in place to start shooting later this month somewhere in Ireland (Ireland? Really? Okay then…). Oh yes, and it was also confirmed that Andre 3000 will play the part of Jimi and, drumroll, he actually can play the guitar, at least that’s what people say. I did a quick search on youtube and I only found this piece of ‘evidence’:

Sound’s like a Boo Diddley loop station rather than somebody actually playing the guitar. But I tell you why I this is not even relevant. Fact of the matter is, no matter who they hire to play the role of the legendary guitarist who published his first album “Are You Experienced?” in the late 1960s, they did not receive approval by the Jimi Hendrix estate to use any actual Hendrix songs. Wait…what? A Hendrix movie without any Hendrix songs? Where’s the point? Exactly. The “Experience Hendrix LLC”, which is the organization that holds all the copyrights and which is lead by Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s sister, made it very clear and basically publicly stated: “Screw you.” Well, admittedly they used more eloquent terms that’s pretty much what they said. They went on and explained that if there were ever to be such a film, they would have to give their consent and be part of the production.

Great, so what is “All Is By My Side” featuring Andre 3000, going to be like? I’d like to answer that questions with a Band of Gypsies title: “Who Knows”.


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