A Boat, Two Artists And A Piece Of Jimi Hendrix Guitar

Old Hendrix Model Now Turned Into A Boat
Is This The Hendrix Guitar That They Used As A Plank To Built Their Boat?

A guitar and exposure to water, that’s usually not a good idea. But I guess in this particular case we can make an exception and acknowledge the remarkable product, namely a 20 foot yacht, crafted with pieces of significance gathered from across the world. One of those 1200 plus wooden pieces is a part of a guitar that was played by Jimi Hendrix.

Who on earth would come up with such an idea? Artists, of course. British artists, to be more precise. As part of the 2012 London Cultural Olympiad – not to be mistaken for the 2012 Summer Olympics – “The Boat Project” represents a what is referred to as a “floating collage of memories”, funded by the Arts Council of England’s Artists.

Mr. Gary Winters and Gregg Whelan, an artistic duo that also goes by the name “Lone Twin” came up with the rather unique concept. As part of the project, they visited 20 locations in an attempt to gather items for their artsy boat. In addition to that, they asked the public to contribute any type of wooden pieces that have some sort of story associated with them.

Here is the full article around the story which was featured today in “The Telegraph” – what the article unfortunately doesn’t reveal is more specific detail around what exact piece of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar the two gentleman were able to obtain and where they got it from.

Oh well, I hope they put plenty of coating on it. Again, that whole idea of a guitar in the water….I don’t know. Just kidding. I think it’s actually very cool. And I think Jimi would approve.


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