Top 5 Guitar Chord Learning And Look-up Resources

Chords On GuitarI guess it’s fair to say that the vast majority of guitar players start out with learning a few beginner guitar chords. Of course, I’m sure there are exceptions, but most teachers, courses and books will show you how to play guitar chords before moving to more advanced things on the instrument. And that makes perfect sense from my perspective as a player and teacher.

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Top 10 Pink Guitars And Accessories Review

Pink GuitarsI know. I am surprised, too, finding myself writing a post about pink guitar models and accessories. Because I can’t say that it’s my favorite. Nonetheless, I realize it’s a super popular color and people have asked whether it’s okay to buy a pink electric or acoustic guitar. Well, that all depends – just as with any other guitar of any other color. We will talk about all that in a little bit and my goal will be to make sure you know exactly what you need to be mindful of before you make a purchase. Not all pink guitars are the same and some of them I would not necessarily recommend if your actual intention is to learn the instrument. Others are perfectly okay for that purpose, so I will definitely make a point in explaining what you need to know in order to make an educated decision. Speaking of decision making, we will also discuss 10 specific pink models – and separately, 10 pink accessories – that have been bestsellers and received high customer ratings…

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Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners – 4 Easy Chords To Get You Started

E-Minor ChordWe all like easy, don’t we? And the same goes for learning the guitar. There is obviously no point in teaching a guitar beginner a three-notes-per-string scale – therefore, it only makes sense to start the journey by introducing a student to a number of easy beginner guitar chords. But what are those chords and how can you learn them in a way that you can use them in songs? Well, we’re about to cover all that. As a matter of fact, we will do a little exercise together or call it an experiment if you will. In the video below I will show you two super easy chords that you can learn with me within a matter of a couple of minutes. But not only that, I will show you how to use these chords in popular seventies pop-rock song.

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Is It Hard To Learn Guitar On Your Own?

Is it hard to learn guitar by yourself?Today I’d like to cover another question I keep getting from many of you guys. This particular one is a good example of what a lot of people try to figure out before they even pick up the instrument. As usual, I wish I could give a simple Yes or No answer to “Is it hard to learn guitar on your own?”, but I’m afraid I would be over-generalizing. While I don’t want to make things unnecessarily complicated, the below is my attempt to help you through the thought process – just sharing some insights with you from my perspective of the things you need to know when you think about learning guitar in a more DIY kind of way. Undoubtedly, there are some advantages and disadvantages, just as we with any other guitar learning method. Ultimately, it will all depend on your individual situation and your personality. Sounds weird, I know, but trust me, I’ve been teaching guitar since the 90ies and one thing that I learned is: everybody is different. What works for one student doesn’t work necessarily work for another.

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The Most Expensive For-Sale Elvis Guitar That Didn’t Sell

Elvis GuitarIt’s not about the actual Elvis guitar, it’s what Elvis did with the instrument. In was in a July night of 1975 when 7.500 fans rushed to the sold-out Ashville Civic Center to see the King performing live in front of their eyes. In the middle of the spectators, well actually not in the middle but conveniently seated in the front row, was a young fellow by the name Mike Harris. Not only did he have the best spot in the house in terms of stage view, but as fate will have it, he won’t be going home alone that summer night. Nah, it’s not what you think!

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The Marshall MS2 Micro Amp Review; Functionality, Features And Sound

Marshall MS-2 AmazonIf you’re following my blog and my YouTube channel, you probably know that I already looked at a bunch of different guitar mini amps. Specifically, I tested and demoed a whole bunch of the Vox amplug headphone amplifiers. Based on the feedback I received and some of the questions that were asked, I thought I’d now share a few thoughts and findings on yet another one of these little guitar ‘noise-cubes’, namely the Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp.

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Guns n’ Roses Reunion 2016 Confirmed

Guns and Roses 2016 Reunion ConfirmedOh, happy days for all fans who’ve been waiting for a very long time for this moment. But now, what actually started out as yet just another rumor around a potential Guns N’ Roses Reunion, it looks like it’s actually happening. The media is all over it and even the New York Times graced the story with some real estate on their paper: the Guns N’ Roses Reunion 2016 is confirmed. The band issued and official press release re-affirming that founding member Axl Rose alongside Slash and Duff McKagan will play at Coachella Music & Arts Festival (April 15-17 & April 22-24).

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