The Chris Rolling Squad Album Review

The Chris Rolling SquadAre you into the power trios that defined Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 60ies & 70ies and laid the ground work for all things heavy to come? Well, then you may want to put The Chris Rolling Squad on to your radar screen. Now, to be clear, I am not suggesting that Chris Rolling (guitar/vocals), Brice Duval (bass) and Romain Cauneau (drums) are copying the early Taste, Cream or Jimi Hendrix Experience. Or I would through in some SRV, too. However, while there is an omnipresent resemblance to these acts, the band has its own sound, which also incorporates a good portion on Punk rock.

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The Heavy Eyes – ‘He Dreams of Lions’ Album Review

The Heavy Eyes He Speaks Of Lions Album REviewI don’t even know why I do this anymore. Meaning writing about a new release by the Heavy Eyes. Because I usually just end up sharing how much I love the fact that these three guys just stick to their thing. And the same is true, at least in my opinion, for their newest album: He Dreams Of Lions.

Yet again, the Memphis trio didn’t disappoint. Right in line with their previous records, ‘He Dreams Of Lions’ is what seems to be the logical continuation of the band’s journey. The journey of simply plowing through everything that may dare stepping in their way, border lining recklessness and oblivion. Keeping their heads down and just moving forward.

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Traildriftingtwins – Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun Album Review

Blues for the burnt out sun by TraildriftingtwinsAs you can imagine, an album release titled “Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun” peaked my interested big time. And when I recently received a request to review Traildriftingtwins’ debut album, I was obviously all game. Of course, the title, as well as the scarce yet depictive information around the Jersey based duo, lend itself to associations with Desert Rock classics, specifically Kyuss’ “Blues For The Red Sun”.

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Mount Salem ‘Endless’ Album Review

Endless by Mount Salem‘Endless’ by Mount Salem is the band’s 2014 debut album. The Chicago quartet has been on my radar screen for a while now, and I’m glad that I finally purchased their CD. Because it exceeded my expectations, to say the least. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, just because I was afraid that drama and theatrical elements could play too much of a role in the band’s approach to the material. It’s simply a matter of personal preference, but anything potentially pompous is a massive turn-off for me. And based on Mount Salem’s bandcamp website, their music is generally associated with genres such as rock, doom, horror, metal, psychedelic, etc. So, I knew there were keyboards involved and a female vocalist. The latter sounded encouraging – I love Lori S. of Acid King, Dorthia of Windhand, Elin of Blues Pills and a bunch of other cool front-women – the former, though, namely the keyboards, worried me a bit. Horror, keyboards…well, there was at least a chance that this whole thing might not necessarily turn out to be my cup of tea.

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Top 3 Best Electric Guitars For Beginners Under $200

Best Electric Guitar To learn OnThere is no need to spend a ton of money on your first electric guitar. Of course, if you already have a particular brand/model in mind, go ahead – nothing wrong with that. But for those of you who have yet to get an instrument and wonder: what’s the best electric guitar for beginners to start on, below are my Top 3 picks for that category. All of these guitars are great beginner instruments and the come with an amp and a variety of other accessories. The best part is: they are all under $200! So, as I said, there is really no point in spending more than that on your first electric guitar starter set. After you have a few months of playing experience under your belt, you may treat yourself for something more sophisticated – but just to get going and learn the basics, the three options below are perfect to get you started.

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Best Way To Learn Electric Guitar For Beginners

learn to play electric guitarFirst of all, let me congratulate you for making the decision to learn electric guitar. You already took the first step and what I’m about to try over the next few minutes as you read through this article, is to help you with the next challenges that lie ahead. Very likely you have a few questions, such as what is the best way to learn to play electric guitar? Because there are many different options available to you. Some of which actually don’t deserve to be considered as viable, but even among the legitimate methods, it can be difficult to figure out which way to go. A lot of that will strongly depend on YOU! That’s right. Because what’s considered the ‘best guitar learning method’ by some people may not be the best approach for you personally.

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5 Essential Guitar Accessories For Beginners

Best Guitar Accessories

Do I need a guitar strap? What about this guitar fretboard cleaning oil? There are tons of devices and products vendors claim you absolutely need. But do you really need them or is this just yet another marketing trick? Let’s cut right to the chase and focus on what I believe are the 5 Essential Guitar Accessories for Beginners. Three of which are absolute neccessities and two are good to have, but not necessarily needed to get started. We will then also cover a few other items that you may want to get a later point, things like a sheet music stand, special guitar cleaning products and more.

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