Noggin Rockers Guitar Amp Review – No Power Required

Noggin Rockers Mini Guitar AmpI must admit I had not heard of Noggin Rockers before up until a couple of weeks ago. But when I got contacted by the company asking me to check out their ‘electricity free’ mini guitar amp, I was intrigued by the concept to say the least. I now had a chance to test drive the device and what you are about to read it my comprehensive Noggin Rockers Mini Guitar Amp Review, along with a video discussion and demonstration of this handy, cheap and remarkably good sounding guitar accessory.

Here is an overview of what we will be covering over the next few minutes:

1. Introduction to the Noggin Rockers Amp
2. Video Discussion & Demo
3. Pros and Cons
4. Who is this for?
5. Product Details and Best Price Purchasing Option

1. Introduction to the Noggin Rockers Amp

Noggin_Rockers_URThe underlying idea behind the Noggin Rockers Guitar Amp is the concept of having your guitar – or any other stringed instrument – amplified without any source of electricity. In other words, this amp neither requires batteries nor being plugged in and connected to a power source.

I guess it’s fair to say that the product design resembles the look and feel of a stethoscope. Which is awesome, because there is zero guessing as to how to use the device. It’s clear which part needs to be connected to the guitar (via a Velcro pad that comes with the product) as well as the two ends of the tube, which obviously should go into your ears. You may alternatively try to put them in your nose, but I don’t recommend it (just me being stupid again: in other words: Don’t Do That!).

Speaking of the tube. When you take the whole thing out of the product package, it is recommended to warm-up the tube to uncoil it. A couple of minutes with a hairdryer will do.

As you will see in a second in my Noggin Rockers Review Video, depending on where you connect the amp to your guitar (e.g. back of the headstock, on the body, etc.) you get a different sound. Anything from pretty clean to an earthy crunch. That means you can play around with the sound. Of course, it will require you to re-position the diaphragm, which is essentially the microphone or pickup that connects to the guitar. Fortunately, because the Velcro pads, this can be done within virtually a second. Here is a free tip: the Noggin Rockers Guitar amp is louder than you would think. Therefore, make sure you take the earbuds out of your ears BEFORE you remove and re-position the diaphragm. Trust me, your ears will appreciate it!

Noggin Rockers practice amp

Which brings me to the earbuds. When I ordered my Noggin Rockers, it came with a set of earbuds that actually worked pretty well. However, the product creators (who are awesome, by the way – I was emailing with them back and forth and they are super-fast and a pleasure to deal with) then sent me a second set of improved buds. And no doubt, the newer version works even better.

Also, I personally am still experimenting with this, but not only can your re-position the diaphragm and get different kind of sounds, but you can also tighten/loosen the diaphragm retaining ring to play around with the volume/sound.

2. Video Discussion & Demo

I’m going to share a couple of video reviews of the Noggin Rockers amp with you. My review primarily focuses on the use of the device. While there’s also a section where I demonstrate the sound of the product, I feel that I was not able to 100% authentically capture the amazing quality in tone you can get out of this electricity free mini amplifier. That’s why I also embedded another video which I got from the Noggin Rockers Website where the audio demonstration is simply much better.

3. Pros and Cons

9.5/10 Ulrich's Rating
- No power needed, ever! - Lightweight - Ease of Use - Great sound
- Might not be taken as a serious amp unless you try it!

Well, it can’t get cheaper than that, can it? We’ll talk about the price in a bit more detail but it’s ridiculously cheap. The kicker though is the sound quality. The Noggin Rockers amp exceeded my expectation (and everybody else’s whom I gave the device to for testing purposes) above and beyond. The sound is awesome and I find it quite remarkable that you can cover such a broad range of tone/sound without any electrical power.

Moggin Rockers Guitar and Bass ampI was a little bit concerned about the practicality of the amp. You are dealing with earbuds, a tube, a diaphragm, Velcro, but in all honesty, the ‘effort’ it takes to get the amp ready is pretty much the exact same as with any other mini amp. The tube sometimes gets in the way, but that’s easily resolved by making a quick adjustment. The earbuds are very comfortable and work like a charm.

I will refrain from making comparisons to other mini guitar amps. Simply because I don’t know any that work without power or batteries. I have a bunch of Vox amplugs and Marshall mini amps – while those certainly offer more functionality in terms of volume and sound, they all require a source of power. And they cost 2-3 times as much. By the way, I got the red version, but the device is also available in blue, black, green & silver.

As you can imagine, the device is super light and you can just roll the whole thing up and put it in your pocket. Well, and obviously, you will never have to worry about finding an outlet or getting batteries.

Price/Value Ratio10
Customer Rating9
Ulrich's Rating9.5

4. Who is this for?

I need to be very clear here. This mini amp is NOT a gimmick! But I can see how some people may look at it and don’t think of the device as an actual, useful and remarkably great sounding amp.

So, who would I recommend it to? Well, it goes without saying that this really for anyone who’s looking to buy a mini guitar amp for whatever the reason may be. Also, I’ve been referring to the Noggin Rockers as a mini Guitar amp, but obviously the device works equally well on a bass or any other stringed instrument. Here’s a video of the amp used with a bass.

Noggin Rockers amplifierI like and use my Noggin Rockers mostly when I’m watching TV with the family. The same is true for my other mini guitar amps. However, those need batteries and we all know how it is with products that use batteries. Inevitably, there comes a point when you realize you need new ones because the old ones are dead. None of that is true for the Noggin Rockers. Also, while the amp can be pretty loud and the earbuds do a great job in blocking out any other background noises, it never gets too loud. So, you can still sense/hear when somebody wants to talk to you, in which case you simply take out the earbuds.

Lastly, I find the Noggin Rockers the ideal guitar or bass gift. Literally anyone who plays can appreciate this amp for what it brings to the table and the fact that it’s super affordable.

5. Product Details and Best Price Purchasing Option

Now let’s talk money. It’s very simple. The Noggin Rockers Guitar Amp Price is $14.95, plus $3 shipping in the U.S., or a flat rate of $12 internationally. That’s it! I know it’s hard to believe. Last weekend, we had people – some of whom are guitar players – over for Mother’s Day. I let them try the Noggin Rockers and virtually all of them couldn’t believe that this little gizmo would be capable of covering such a broad spectrum and quality of sound. On top of that, when I told them about the price, they were very surprised to learn that it’s that cheap. Click on the image above for more details and purchasing information or read more on

Published date: May 23rd, 2016 by Ulrich Peise

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