Guitar Chordbank

Welcome to the Guitar Chordbank is a very valuable resource for you. In short videos I will demonstrate how to play each chord we cover in the Beginners Guitar Course and even some of those that we did not talk about. The Chordbank is continuously growing and more chord videos are being added. If there’s a chord you want me to add, just send me a quick email and I will take care of that.

Chordbank Introduction

A-Major Chord

A-Minor Chord

A-7 Chord

A-Minor7 Chord

A/D Chord

A+ Chord

B-Major Chord

B-Minor Chord

B-Minor7 Chord

B-Major7 Chord

B-7 Chord

C-Major Chord

C-6 Chord

C-7 Chord

C-Minor Chord

C-Major7 Chord

C-Minor7 Chord

C-Dim7 Chord

C-Sus4 Chord

D-Major Chord

D-Minor Chord

D-6 Chord

D-7 Chord

D-Major7 Chord

D-Minor7 Chord

D-Sus4 Chord

E-Major Chord

E-Minor Chord

E-Minor9 Chord

E-6 Chord

E-7 Chord

E7#9 Chord

E-Dim7 Chord

E-Minor7 Chord

E-Sus4 Chord

E+ Chord

F-Major Chord

F-Minor Chord

F-Minor7 Chord

F-6 Chord



G-Major Chord

G-Major7 Chord

G-Minor Chord

G-6 Chord

G-7 Chord

G-Minor7 Chord