Telekinetic Yeti ‘Abominable’ Album Review (2017)

Telekinetic Yeti Abominable 2017Alea iacta est. A rather martial statement, but perfectly appropriate considering the profound impact this album had on me. Telekinetic Yeti and their 2017 debut release ‘Abominable’ has the potential to become a cornerstone in the heavy rock genre. I could and should probably end my review right here, because that pretty much sums it up.

The fact is, almost every day I get an email or find a notification online about a new band or album entering the scene. It’s hard to keep up especially if you have an open mind and feel genuinely happy about the fact that there is so much new great music coming your way on a regular basis.

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A Journey To Guitarland With Maestro Armadillo – Guitar Book Review

a journey to guitarland with maestro armadillo“This is very cool stuff for kids”, according to Brian May who – just for the couple of folks who read this and perhaps don’t know who he is – plays guitar in ‘Queen’. Well, I sure am not anywhere close Brian’s universe, but for him to make a statement like that, that says a lot. So, if you are a skeptic and like to know things for sure, take Brian’s word – he knows what he’s talking about.

I’ve been teaching guitar beginners for a long time now. My youngest student was around 6, the oldest was a woman in her early eighties. When working with children, especially young ones, getting them to focus and keep their attention on task can be very difficult. And while there’s a plethora of children’s guitar books and other instructional resources out there, I’ve never found a single book that did such a wonderful introduction of the instrument.

Most books, even those which are cited amongst the best guitar books for kids, lack that very component. Yet, in my opinion, the ‘introduction phase’, if you will, is undoubtedly the most crucial element. Because if you’re successful in that first step, chances are you’re on a good path on to your guitar journey.

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How To Play ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ On Guitar

Santa claus Is Coming To Town Guitar ChordsOkay, today we will be taking care of another song request I received – yes, I know, it took me a while. Sorry about that. Anyway, here it is, a full tutorial on what you need to do in order to learn how to play ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ on guitar. As usual, we will do a comprehensive video lesson and along with that comes a worksheet that you can download from the link below for free.

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A-Major Chord Guitar Finger Problems – Finger Position Alternatives

A-Major Chord

The open A-Major guitar chord is among the first chords you will learn on your instrument. Pretty much all schools of thought, guitar courses and teaching programs feature this particular chord early on in the learning curriculum. I guess it’s save to say that most people find the this chord easy to learn and play – that said, occasionally a student asks me if there are alternative ways to play the open A-Major Chord on guitar, because he/she has issues squeezing three fingers ‘on top of each other’ in the same, namely the 2nd fret.

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Sorrows Path – Doom Philosophy Album Review

sorrows-path-coverI’ve been listening for the past two days to Sorrows Path and their most recent release (2014) Doom Philosophy. The band had approached me and while I had heard of the quintet from Greece before, I admittedly was completely unfamiliar with their material. At first glance, or first listen rather, I was immediately reminded of Candlemass and Doomicus Epicus Metallicus. I think the boys would concur that their music has its roots in acts like and alike the aforementioned.

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Playing An Out-Of-Tune Guitar – Bad Guitar Habits

bad guitar habitsSeriously? Is this even something we need to talk about? It seems pretty clear to me that there really is no situation or set of circumstances where it would be okay to call this not a bad guitar habit. And that very habit does exist, whether you want to believe that or not. I can share plenty of examples with you, but anyway, now that we’re already on the topic, let’s talk about this in a little bit more detail. Because this is more than just a nuisance, willingly and knowingly practicing and playing an out-of-tune guitar will not do you any good, trust me. This goes beyond the ‘bad habit’ thing, it’s just plain silly if you ask me.

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Bad Guitar Habits – Good Guitar Habits – What Are Yours?

Common Guitar HabitsOver the course of learning to play the guitar, many of us develop certain habits. Some of which can be counterproductive or don’t really help your progress at all. Other guitar habits can be very beneficial to your learning experience and some are somewhere in between, I guess. Also, before we get into a more detail, we need to acknowledge that while there are definitely some guitar habits where we can be safely and universally agree upon are bad, and the there are others which are good. Lastly, there are some things that I would view as situational – these are habits or behaviors that may work well for one person, but are rather detrimental to another. It then ultimately comes down to your personal preference and learning style.

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